Social Media Detox

For those who are concerned, I am perfectly okay. I just wanted to be on my phone less and be more productive.

I really do think that social media is a great platform to connect with people but sometimes I need to think twice if the things I post up is good or not. Do they uplift people or make them aware of things that are happening around the world? Will it make people think and encourage them to do better? Is it materialistic? Or will it offend people or cause problems?

I admit that perhaps a couple of the things that I posted up in recent months were due to anger, confusion and sadness. I am sorry if I had offended or made anyone look bad. Then again I also admit that I did a lot of petty things over social media. And for that, I feel ashamed but I know myself that is not the real Yantie.

That is another reason why I have stopped going on social media for a while. I want to focus on myself. And I can’t focus on myself when I am focusing on other people. It is so easy for us to compare ourselves with other people. We might get jealous or we might feel bad about ourselves; this is especially true for girls and it feeds our insecurities. Society tells us that your beauty is how you are valued but we need to always remind ourselves that we are already beautiful and that we are enough.

Lastly, I feel like some of the things that I see on social media doesn’t benefit me or serve me by making me think differently or stimulate my mind. I am not a serious person and I do like my memes but sometimes I’m just like ‘what the hell am I seeing or reading?’ Generally speaking, going on social media is a waste of my time. And I don’t want to waste my time on things that won’t serve me.

And for those wondering, I have planned to not go on social media for at least a month but it might be longer than that.


Author: thegirlinthewineredscarf

I'm a '97, Malaysian, Muslim, westernised, Rumi loving kiwi and feminist, who is still a bit naive at times but have a lot of wisdom to tell you. This blog will have a bit of everything such as faith, poetry, makeup/beauty and life/relationships advice, reviews, responses to current events, travel and maybe some fashion inspo. My starting this blog was due to an epiphany where I realised that this life is too short to be closed minded, to have not experienced life or at least tried to pursue your passions or dreams. I hope to inspire, advise or give you another perspective on things that matters or doesn't really matter. If my posts had put a smile on your face, made you think or sets a fire to your soul, then please let me know in the comments below.

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