9:10am, 30/01/2017.

“What you seek, is seeking you.” -Rumi


It’s 9:10am and you’re looking out into the ocean and you see it. You see beauty and you see peace and you see light. All of that is the reflection of what you are. You don’t need validation, nor do you need to seek happiness from others. They can only come from you but you just need to believe it. Your heart might be broken but you are still a whole; full of love and full of kindness. Letting go is okay but losing yourself is not. There is so much hope to hold on to and so much wisdom yet to grasp. Just remember that everything will happen so beautifully in the timing that God chooses.

Author: thegirlinthewineredscarf

I'm a '97, Malaysian, Muslim, westernised, Rumi loving kiwi and feminist, who is still a bit naive at times but have a lot of wisdom to tell you. This blog will have a bit of everything such as faith, poetry, makeup/beauty and life/relationships advice, reviews, responses to current events, travel and maybe some fashion inspo. My starting this blog was due to an epiphany where I realised that this life is too short to be closed minded, to have not experienced life or at least tried to pursue your passions or dreams. I hope to inspire, advise or give you another perspective on things that matters or doesn't really matter. If my posts had put a smile on your face, made you think or sets a fire to your soul, then please let me know in the comments below.

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