Fashion Philosophy: My first OOTD



Since @antoniacxrter has been encouraging me to do fashion posts, here goes nothing…
Handbag: @charleskeithofficial
Jacket: @lower_clothing
Shirt and Pants: @temtau 

A bit of ‘wisdom’: The goal of resistance is liberation. But in my opinion, some forms of resistance leads to oppression from your own doing. It’s interesting how people, especially women, use their own body as a type of resistance. You can make your face naked but don’t strip away the respect for yourself and your future. Resist with words. Do not resist with the oppression of objectification. 

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Author: thegirlinthewineredscarf

I'm a '97, Malaysian, Muslim, westernised, Rumi loving kiwi and feminist, who is still a bit naive at times but have a lot of wisdom to tell you. This blog will have a bit of everything such as faith, poetry, makeup/beauty and life/relationships advice, reviews, responses to current events, travel and maybe some fashion inspo. My starting this blog was due to an epiphany where I realised that this life is too short to be closed minded, to have not experienced life or at least tried to pursue your passions or dreams. I hope to inspire, advise or give you another perspective on things that matters or doesn't really matter. If my posts had put a smile on your face, made you think or sets a fire to your soul, then please let me know in the comments below.

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